About Phoenix Montessori School

About Phoenix Montessori School

Our Mission Statement

To provide a nurturing and challenging environment for children which will help them to reach their individual potential and enable them to develop the skills necessary for a life time of independent thinking and a love for learning.

School Goals

  • To provide an environment in which each student develops the skills and acquires the personal qualities required to succeed in meeting the future demands of a quickly changing world.
  • To provide an enriched, broad, and individually challenging curriculum.
  • To encourage creative and independent thinking which will enable students to solve problems.
  • To challenge each child to develop and recognize his/her individual potential.
  • To prepare each student for his/her future school experiences.
  • To extend the child’s awareness of his/her world and community, and assist in the development of social values.
  • To provide a setting which nurtures the individual’s self-esteem as an independent learner and fosters the development of leadership skills.
  • To provide an environment which promotes respect for others and their ideas, and encourages each student to take an interest in and responsibility for their own learning outcomes.
  • To provide the opportunity to develop the social skills necessary to interact confidently with others.
  • To offer opportunities which will help to develop the ability to communicate individual ideas and opinions to others respectfully and intelligently.

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